UGW Release Date 2022: Underworld Gang Wars (UGW)

Hello Guys, I know many of you want to know When UGW Release Date is? Because millions of users are pre-registered this game for early access, and they are eager to play Underworld Gang Wars Game.

I also waiting to play the UGW game. So, In this post, you all know about UGW Release Date In India 2022 officially and after knowing the date, relax and wait for the date of UGW Game start.

ugw game release date in india

UGW Release Date

So let me tell you that UGW Release Date is Monday, October 24th 2022, so this game is going to release on the day of India’s independence. Due to this, this game will get more headlines and now on the independence festival of India, all the gamers will get it as a gift.

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I know if you have registered for a game and you feel that this game is better than other old rivals. So the craving to play the UGW games will increase even more. It’s only natural. But remember that UGW’s competitors have a lot of games. So the UGW game has to beat them all. Also in graphics, in gameplay, in guns, in the story, etc.

UGW Game Plot

Talking about the story and hero of this game, then it is a battle royale mobile game made in the Indian context, which has been made by Meham Studios of India. Which is another matter of pride for India that good gaming companies are also coming up in India and preparing the game for India itself.

bhaukali toli and velvet

The rest of the story is a game based on the battles of gangsters of the 80s and 90s of India, which will be presented with a place called Dhantara, in this game, Dhantara is the name of the map and village of this game. is the name of.

The rest of the game consists of two dreaded gangsters, Tyagi who is the boss of Bhaukaal Toli, and Boris who is the boss of the Velvet Gang. Both of them live on one side of the Maya river of Dhantara, and both want to gain their supremacy by ruling over each other i.e. the entire Dhantara. Now it remains to be seen who will rule Dhantara.

UGW Early Access

If we talk about ugw early access date, then it will probably be open to a select few people from the end of July. In which the company will first give some gamers of the game to play and then if there is something missing or if anything needs to be improved, then ugw early access will be started to do all that. Then after this game will be completely released to everyone.

UGW Discord Server Link

Many of you find UGW Discord Server Link on Google or in many places, I have given the link of UGW Discord Server for all of you by clicking on which you can easily connect with this game and you are sure of UGW game. Early access will also be available.

After all, all of you must have got all the information related to UGW Release Date & UGW early access. If you need any more information then do comment below. Also, save my website UGW APK for future updates

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