Underworld Gang Wars Starts Rolling out Close Beta Playtest for Gamers

Finally, the wait is over and Underworld Gang Wars starts Close Beta Playtest for selected users (gamer) around the world. As you know Underworld Gang Wars is the new battle royale game which comes in the limelight in 2022 and now in 2024 march they started a public playtest for their fans. Most of mobile players waiting for this game when its trailer comes.

Underworld Gang Wars Start Close Beta Playtest

As you know most mobile gamers register for UGW close beta playtest and now they start getting direct WP messages in their account to confirm the Underworld Gang Wars Beta Playtest and install the UGW game into their mobiles.

Now many people have received this message, and as many people as possible have installed that game. Currently, the game is not running because the beta test time will be on March 12 from 6 pm to 9 pm. That means people will be able to play this game only for 3 hours.

Timing Of Close Beta Playtest

Timing Of Close Beta Playtest
12 March 2024From 6 PM to 9 PM around 3 hours.

Although many games come in the market every day, but ever since people have heard that a game has been made by Indian developers and in the context of India, the desire to play this game has become very high among the people. If you still facing issue for getting UGW Beta Playtest then you go to this article for the direct file.

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